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Sensei Steve Burch leads the classes at the new Kildonan Karate Dojo at
1115 Henderson Hwy. 

The program started as a satallite program at the Bronx park community club and quickly outgrew this facility.  After six months of hard work Sensei Steve opened the brand new facility dedicated to martial training and development of the JKA of Shotokan Karate in Manitoba. The facility also acts as the head office for the JKA of Manitoba.
Kildonan Karate Dojo
Members of:

The JKA of Manitoba
Canadian Japan Karate Association
JKA World Federation

Member of the :
JKA of Manitoba
All Levels and  Family Karate
The Kildonan Karate Club all levels family program for the whole family, and focuses on the same curriculum that has been passed on to Sensei Burch by the Chief instructor. This program is designed to get students ready for and graded up to black belt and beyond under the current JKA testing curriculum. Classes are open to all levels and all ages.

Advanced level Karate
The Kildonan Karate Club also offers a advanced level program that focuses on building higher level Karate skills that advanced level Karate students must master to grade for the Black belt level and to continue to grow after the Black belt level is attained. 

Tiny Tigers
Sensei Burch began our first “Tiny Tigers” program in the JKA of Manitoba three years ago and it is proving to be one of our most popular new additions to the Programs available in our organization.

Tiny Tigers is a program geared towards younger children around 4-6 year olds and is a fun and exciting introduction to Karate for the younger children that may not have the focus to stay in a full hour class with our regular programming. The Tiny Tigers take to the practice floor for an hour filled with fun, games and Karate techniques geared towards making learning Karate exciting and safe for young children.
Programs offered at the
New Kildonan Karate Dojo
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