Classes available at Kildonan Karate

Tiny Tigers
Sensei Burch began our first “Tiny Tigers” program in the JKA of Manitoba more than four years ago and it is proving to be one of our most popular new additions to the Programs available in our organization. The program has created a fun introduction to younger children ages 4 and up. The hour long training includes lots of fun Karate based games with a focus on goal setting and serves as a great introduction to the juniors training program. Since its inception the Tiny Tigers program has graduated many Tigers to the regular program. 

​​All Levels Classes
​This is the time that the whole Dojo comes together to train as a family in Karate do!  The All levels class is offered to bring all members of the Kildonan Karate together to work as a family and develop the over all technical levels of all members.  This class is fun for everyone and makes use of skill development drills and equipment to help everyone from white belt to Black belt improve their Karate skills. 

Advanced Class
The Kildonan Karate program also has a seniors program geared towards purple belt and up that will focus on the more advanced level training that gives Shotokan Karate its unique look and feel. The class will focus on building better technical ability and work on the testing requirements for more senior Karate students, however juniors may also attend with permission from the instructor.
Brown and Black Belt Level Class
Kildonan Karate plays host to the JKA/MB Brown and Black belt level class on Saturday mornings. These classes are designed to help Senior level students elevate their Karate and progress in Shotokan Karate.  The class is open to all Brown and Black belts in the JKA of Manitoba from any club in our organization and our cheif instructor encourages the students of Brown or Black belt level from all clubs to attend as often as possible. The class is lead by our cheif instructor or the Technical director with direction form Dingman Sensei and will focus on advanced Katas (forms) or advanced Kumite (Sparring) and conditioning and will help all members get ready for more advanced level training. Students that are lower ranking may also attend with specific permission from the instructor teaching.  ​​​
Kildonan Karate Club
Kildonan Karate, A history of determination

The Kildonan Karate program started out as a expansion club that Dingman Sensei and James Sensei started over four years ago at the new Bronx Community club.  Sensei James saw the new facility as a great place to start a Karate program, and it was close to his home so he felt it was a natural fit.  After several set backs and several months of trying to get the program off the ground Sensei James and Sensei Dingman felt they wanted to focus more on Dingman Senseis new club at the Clifton community club and close the Bronx club.  

​​However, Steve Burch, a long time student of Dingman Sensei stepped up and said he would take this program over.  

The ​​ program began to grow quickly, Steve Burch put a lot of time and effort into marketing the club and pushed hard to build a strong program. With his student group growing he began to see not just growth but new aspects of his program began to develop, like his Tiny Tigers program. Soon it became evident that if he was to build the program to its potential he would need to move the program from the small auxiliary room at the Bronx to its own home.

​​In the winter of 2012 Sensei Steve began looking for a location to renovate in the Bronx area and he located the perfect space on the second floor of a nice building at 1115 Henderson high way.  The growth and development of the Kildonan Karate program started with that find.  Months and months of development, hours and hours of hard work and the help of many of the students from Kildonan Karate have finally paid off! The club is a true testament to determination and hard work!
For the whole family!
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